Important Case Histories

Cashmere Brisbane:
This home was treated in 2004 by a mid-sized Company whose owner was on the board of AEPMA (the industry association). It was never free of termites the entire 4 years they were servicing the home. The home is a low set brick veneer structure surround by about 75% pavers. The Company which treated this home drilled through the pavers and injected chemical through the holes. This method may have been the accepted way pre 1995 when we had the organo-chlorine chemicals but is next to useless with modern chemicals.
What was needed was to lift the pavers to allow a full trench to be dug all the way around the home. Replace the existing soil with the correct soil to allow adequate Bio-Availability of the product, install a reticulation pipe to allow for future application. By lifting the pavers we discovered the entry point the termites had been using the whole 4 years. Why was the job done in the way it was? Cheap and lazy go hand in hand with this industry. The job needed to be done properly as in the way Osborne’s dealt with it. Now 4 years later this home is still termite free.
Red Hill Brisbane.
Andrew called Osborne’s after finding us on the web. The history of his home was horrific. He had tried several other companies form the largest to a one man operation without any success. The way the job was approached was nothing short of disgusting with no thought of the structure or slope of the land or soil type. The termites were using 2 chimneys as the access to the building. However not one of the previous Companies had treated this area which was the first thing we did. We then put in place a baiting system and proceeded to eliminate this colony. Andrew had the home for a further 2 years before selling and moving on. They were the only 2 years termite free he had there.
Birkdale Redland.
Elderly couple purchased their dream home only to have it turn into a night mare. Within 2 weeks of moving in they discovered termites. The home had been treated only 10 months earlier by company R. The couple contacted Company A who had carried out their pre-purchase inspection and basically were fobbed off. They then contacted company R who informed them the treatment was for the previous owner and they had no warranty, but they would however come out and have a look because they were nice people. They carried out a partial and very shoddy treatment.
A few weeks later it became apparent that the termites were still there. After doing a bit of research Osborne’s were asked to provide a quote to manage the problem. A full external perimeter treatment was carried with removal of concrete, soil replacement and reticulation pipe being installed. The treatment was carried out in 2006 and today the home is still termite free.
Thornlands Redland.
A Couple with young family purchase a small acreage home. Within 2 days they find some termite damage. They contact Company A who had carried out their pre-purchase inspection only to be told “you can’t sue me we have disclaimers”. What a wonderful response. Osborne’s were consulted after being recommended to the home owners. After an extensive 4 hour inspection the amount of damage was determined to be severe and wide spread. Just how severe was the amazing part. When wall linings were removed to expose the full extent of damage it was decided to consult with engineers.
The result was to repair the damage would cost $211,000.00 or to pull down the building and replace it would be $204,000.00. So began a 3 .5 year legal battle which ended with the insurance company making an acceptable offer just prior to court. I can happily say the couple were able to rebuild their home and now are getting on with their lives.