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Termite control is where you put in place a long term strategy to impede termite ingress into your home. With modern chemicals this is not an easy job. The truth is there is nothing that can prevent termites gaining access to your home 100% and I mean nothing.

There are 2 methods of long term control. And here I will give you the warts and all story. You will need to read through to understand it all. You also need to ensure the treatment being offered is Australian Standard compliant not Label compliant only. There is a massive difference with label complaint treatments failing very often.

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The Two Methods For Long Termite Control

1. Chemical application for termite control in Brisbane & Gold Coast

The first method we offer to customers in Brisbane and surrounding areas is called a chemical application. You notice I do not use the word barrier because it is not a barrier it cannot stop termites. The Australian Standards clearly states all it can do is impede concealed entry. Termite control with chemical is applied after remote termite colony elimination has been achieved. Now there is a right way and a wrong way to apply these applications. Traditionally external cement was drilled and the chemical pressure injected through the drill holes. This worked fine when we had the organochlorine chemicals pre July 1995. The sad news is with modern products this method is practically useless.

The most important things to consider when applying chemical is what type of soil is on site and how are we going to apply chemical in a way that complies with the Australian Standards. Remember earlier I told you always get a standard compliant treatment not a label compliant treatment. All chemical companies are interested in is selling product. Soil type is everything, too much sand and the product will not bond well. Meaning it can move and leave holes in the application. Too much heavy loam or clay and the chemical will not spread and will be Bio-unavailable meaning the termite can enter into the treated area and the chemical will not come away from the soil to kill it. So how does one then get the right soil in place? Soil replacement is the answer. We source a 75% sand and 25% loam mix which is perfect for most termiticides.

External cement is not a problem you simply cut a 310 mm strip out and carry out your soil replacement and application. This also allows you to remove all contaminants from the perimeter thus creating the perfect treated zone on the exterior of the building. Remember the pesticide must be applied to a certain depth and width to be effective and this cannot be done by drilling and injecting external cement. Cutting away external cement and doing soil replacement is how it should be done in the 21st century but most Pest managers are still living and working in the 20 century and won’t even consider offering this method to do the job properly. The good ones who understand what they should be doing will at least offer you this method but at the end of the day the choice is yours.And if you do it right it is expensive very expensive. But if you don’t do it right it could cost you a lot more.

That’s the exterior perimeter now what about the internal perimeter the penetrations where pipes come through your slab. These areas are extremely difficult to treat successfully so the construction must be considered before agreeing to any program. If you have a waffle pod constructed home do not accept a chemical job as it states very clearly in the Australian Standards this type of construction cannot be treated with chemical.

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A termite bait with dead termites.
Baiting termites.

2. Baiting for termites - Brisbane & Gold Coast

The other method offered to customers in Brisbane and surrounding area’s is a termite baiting system. It is in addition to your inside baits where stations are placed around the external perimeter. In the past monitoring timbers were placed inside the stations and they had to be checked very regularly. But now Sentricon have revolutionised this form of program by introducing Sentricon Always Active Termiticide Rods which will last in the ground for at least 5 years unless the termites eat them. This has revolutionised the termite Management industry. WE can now protect your home 24/7 without the use of any pesticide. Safe for your family safe for the environment and the best product I have used against termites in over 30 years. When the termites eat this rod it is spread back through the colony causing colony elimination. So no termites means you have no termites in your home.

The choice is between a method that is very disruptive and expensive which cannot totally stop termites getting into your home and may have environmental impact or a system that eliminates the threat with no risk to your family or the environment. I know which one I have. As I have stated Sentricon Always Active is the best product I have ever used in over 30 years. For more information please click on the link below.