Termite Inspection Services Brisbane

Providing service to Brisbane, Gold Coast surrounding suburbs.

Termites are capable of severe structural damage to your home. Osborne’s have inspected a Brisbane house that had over $200,000 worth of damage, and regularly see homes with over $20,000 of damage. Don’t let this happen to you, insist on regular inspections! Regular Inspections minimises the risk of Termite infestation and keeps a close eye on the development of conducive conditions before they cause a problem.

What is involved with a Termite Inspection?

An inspection is a thorough investigation of your property that will detect any termite infestation and identify any conditions that are conducive to termites. As termite inspection specialists, we make recommendations on how you can manage your termite risk with appropriate termite treatment. Termite damage in Australia to domestic homes  exceeds 1 billion dollars each year. And that is to domestic homes only, it does not take into account commercial industrial bridges etc.  This is more than fire theft and flood damage combined. Your household insurance will not cover you for termite damage.

Osbornes are a locally owned business based in Brisbane. We service the local area and surrounding suburbs. Call us today for a free quote on 1300 672 676.

The inspection is your insurance policy against termites. Regular inspections can minimise the amount of damage done to your home and acting on recommendations can minimise your risk of getting them. At Osborne’s Pest Services we pride ourselves on our expertise in finding termites in homes in Brisbane and the Cold Coast. We inspect all areas of the property up to 50 metres from the building but within the boundary of the property. We get into the roof as far as is possible. We thoroughly check all timber elements of the building, carrying out sounding tests to timbers and the walls. We crawl into your subfloor and inspect, if you have one. We provide you with a detailed report and advise you on your risk and how you can minimise it. That’s what makes us the termite inspection team that goes the extra mile!

While the most important tools are a good torch your eyes and ears we also use sounding equipment, thermal imaging camera’s moisture meters and borer scopes. None are a magic wand they are tools that assist in finding termites or conditions that encourage termites. Stay away from any company that claims they see into your walls as this is blatantly misleading.

Why you need to be VIGILANT and make the right choice.

Having regular termite inspections and ensuring who you are using is very good is of the utmost importance. I will give you 2 examples of what can happen if you neglect having inspections or go for the cheap option.

Located in Brisbane or surrounding area and need a termite inspection?

Case 1

This client bought a home with out having a pest report done. The result was about $30,000 of damage. He got off cheap as he did his own repairs.

Case 2

This client had a pest report done but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

The cost to repair the termite damage the Pest Inspector did not find was $211,000.00 To pull the house down and rebuild it was only $207,000.00. Make sure you have a good inspector.

Lucky for him the insurance company came to the party but he was still out of pocket by about $30,000-$40,000.