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Termite treatment occurs when an active infestation is located. In the Australian Standard it is referred to as remote colony elimination. It clearly states in the standard that this must be attempted before applying further chemical application to impede termite ingress.

To find out if you have termites in your home we offer termite inspections for customers located in Brisbane and surrounding area’s.

There are 3 types of treatment currently available. But only 1 has the scientific proof of working.

1. First method is to apply foam to the active workings. This method is very effective in killing the present termites but has very little hope in achieving the desired result of eliminating the termite colony. There are many factors including species of termite and where the colony is located. Most Pest Managers simply think they have eliminated the colony because they kill what is present, but nothing can be further from the truth. Foaming has virtually no hope of remotely controlling a termite colony and should only be used where major disturbance has occurred and there is little or no hope of remote colony elimination occurring or if the nest has been located.

2. The second method is dusting. Again there drawbacks. Simply most pest technicians do not have the skill nor the patience to carry this task out effectively. Also again termite species must be considered. Up till recent times Arsenic Trioxide was the preferred dust but this has now fallen by the wayside and for good reasons. The choice now is a Fipronil dust. Whilst it is effective against some species it has limits against multi nesting termite species. You will need to dust approximately 10% of the termite colony to achieve remote colony elimination. This in most instances is just not going to happen. Also poor technique most times means an over application of dust merely chases the termites out of the workings. And again the uneducated pest manager then claims colony elimination. Whilst we have a great deal of expertise in dustings this method has enough flaws for us not to use it.

3. The third method and easily most successful method which is backed by scientific research by over 30 universities. By placing a bait box over an active infestation and applying bait for the termites to feed on you allow them to do all the work. Because termites feed each other as well as the nymphs and the queen the toxin spreads quickly throughout the colony. Whilst not the fastest way of dealing with termites it is the most effective way of achieving remote colony elimination. You can see changes occurring to the termites the longer the program goes on the more you can monitor the effect thus with these observations you know you are achieving colony elimination.

So I hope I have cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about termite treatments. The most effective way to treat termites is through baits and the best system which is still bringing out the most innovated methods is Sentricon.

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