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Do you or don't you have termites?  Not sure... 1 in 3 homes do!

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A CSRIO survey in 2004 found that one in three homes have had at least one infestation from subterranean Termites! That’s the good news the bad news is the survey was carried out in the southern states of Australia.  Here in Brisbane, Queensland the problem is worse.

Your home is at risk from Termites no matter what management system has been installed and if it’s a physical system then the risk is greater!  

Termite Services we offer

What distinguishes our experience with termite control in Brisbane?

Our knowledgeable team at Osborne Pest Control places a strong priority on completely effective pest eradication from both residential and commercial locations. avoiding structural damage and serious financial repercussions. Our vast understanding allows us to provide customized pest-free space solutions for our clients around Sydney. This comprises:

  • Providing thorough consultations
  • The use of sophisticated technological tools
  • Plan customization for pest control measures
  • Service adaptability and years of business experience
  • Ensuring reasonable service costs and accurate quotations
  • Highly effective pest removals