There are over 300 different types of termites in Australia, around about 6 plus sub species of these are the type you will find infesting your home. Termites are a major benefit to the environment but the biggest single danger to your home causing over one billion dollars damage in this country each year. A CSRIO survey in 2004 found that one in three homes have had at least one infestation from Subterranean Termites. That is the good news the bad news is the survey was carried out in the southern states here in Queensland the problem is worse. The news now gets even worse. Your home is at risk from Termites no matter what management system has been installed and if it is a physical system then you are at major risk.

termite risk

They enjoy starting up nests in warmer climates such as summer and can be found setting up camp underground and in dark and damp environments such as tree trunks, soil, fencing and building mud shelter tubes enabling easy access into your home and much more. Some termites can move up to hundreds of metres underground so you may even be at risk from outside your property boundary lines.

So if you find termites what should you do? First of all don't disturb the termites don't spray them leave them and call Osborne's. When having your home treated for termites always insist on an Australian Standard compliant treatment not a Label compliant treatment. There is a huge difference and a huge success rate difference.

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