We could tell you how good we are all day, but it’s nice to read what other people who have experienced the difference say about us:

We had termite issues on our house for years. After using probably 6 different termite/pest ‘specialists’, we stumbled onto Pat Osborne’s Website….AT LAST, somebody who actually had a solution, AND it was simple! Pat offered us payment solutions as well which certainly helped the budget. Pat started work on one of the hottest days of the year, and he didn’t leave a stone unturned in his initial inspection and then the treatment was just as accurate and detailed…..his expertise and dedication to the solution was so straight forward and logical that I was wondering if all the other ‘experts’ had been sniffing too much of their chemicals that they wanted to splash everywhere. I would recommend the Osborne’s Pest Services for any termite treatment, and feel free to allow any potential customer to contact me for a direct referral.
A Berrington.

It is really nice in this day and age to meet an honest and hardworking company that does a really good job and does it at a good price.  One year ago we had a complete building and pest inspection prior to buying our house – due to job changes – one year later we had to sell, only to find out to our dismay that our sale fell through as we had termites and a very nervous English couple who had not heard of termites before!  Osborne’s Pest Services came to the rescue! Within one day they got rid of the live termites and ensured they would not come back again.  They come highly recommended.  They worked quickly, efficiently and neatly and above all were very friendly and GOOD at their job.  Thank you – from one very satisfied customer.
Marie Bottolfsen, Lota.

“Four years ago we found the nasty termite in our recently purchased home. We immediately engaged a company to eradicate this problem. The company used what they called a chemical barrier. The chemical barrier was created using a trenching and drilling technique. Where bare earth/lawn or gardens were against the house a trench was dug and the chemical sprayed, any pavers or concrete were drilled and the chemical was injected. Two thirds of the area around our house is paved. After constantly finding termites on our annual inspections we asked Pat Osborne for a second opinion. Pat at once put us at ease and began a chemical barrier around our home. Pat lifted all pavers and trenched completely around our house and in doing so discovered the entry point of the termites. This gave us peace of mind that our termite problem would be over. The drilling and injecting method of our first chemical barrier had no effect on eradicating the termites and in fact had allowed the termites to use the same entry point they had used initially. Pat was completely professional and extremely approachable, as was his team of workers. After the treatment was finished all pavers were professionally replaced and his ongoing service is second to none. We have no hesitation in recommending Pat Osborne.”
Lyn and Robert, Cashmere.

“When we late last year found termites in our home, urgent action was required from an organization which preferably specialized in termite control. Discussions with several people including Pat Osborne resulted in Osborne’s Pest Services being selected to permantly eradicate our termite problem. Pat logically explained the alternatives and his recommendations, then in a most professional and practical manner installed a full barrier and provided a timber replacement warranty, all at a most reasonable cost. In a matter as serious as this we found Pat to be very knowledgeable, prompt and on time with his service delivery, neat in job execution, tidy in after job clean up and thorough in further satisfaction follow up. He is highly recommended by us as a true professional.”
Paul and Patsy Gosling, Ormiston.

“We have known and recommended Pat Osborne for over 16 years to family and friends. Pat won our trust and business in 1990 when doing our pest control he alerted us to a potentially dangerous electrical wiring hazard in a house we had just purchased. Pats attention to detail and customer services second to none, and when we discovered termites in our current property Pat was around to fix the problem promptly.”
Robert and Vicki Schuh, Alexandra Hills.

“After trying many other pest controllers that I was unhappy with, I was given Pat’s name and number so I gave him a try. Now over 10 years later I would not have anyone but Pat do my pest control. I have no problems recommending Pat to any one.”
Theresa Doherty, Thornlands.

“I thought I had nothing to worry about after we had a chemical barrier done about 3 years ago. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Pat came out and after inspecting my house Pat explained why the barrier had failed and then explained the best form of treatment for me, which was a baiting system. Pat now services my home on a monthly basis and fully documents what he finds and does each time.”
Graham Finlayson, Thornlands.

“Pat is simply the best pest man we have ever used. He is honest and reliable. Pat has been servicing our home for the last 15 years.”
Pam McGavin, Redland Bay.

“Pat is very understanding of people’s concerns about termites and I have always trusted his advice over the last 16 years. His knowledge on termites appears to be second to none.”
Sharon Rice, Thornlands.

“We currently have all 4 houses owned by our family being looked after by Pat, we wouldn’t trust any one else with our homes.”
Peter Wright, Thornlands.

“After finding termite damage in my bedroom I had another pest company inspect my house. They told me I had no active termites in the house. I thought I would get a second opinion so I called Pat. He found termites in my walk in robe my bathroom and in the ceiling only 24 hours after the other inspection. What impressed me the most was Pat’s thoroughness and obvious knowledge.”
Tracey Parker, Birkdale.

“After our experience with an ineffective barrier treatment installed one year ago which resulted in extensive termite damage, (our external concrete was drilled and injected which did not stop the termites) followed by  research and discussions with pest controllers, we were confident to go with Pat Osborne and Termidor.  I would recommend him unreservedly for his professionalism and commitment to the industry.”
Lois Mawter, Birkdale.

Recently we found termites in out garage they had made their way under the pad and up a wall cavity. We contacted a local pest control company and had the area treated as well as a barrier applied around the house. Three months later the termites were back still in the garage but in another location, again we called the same pest control company they came out treated the termites and gave us all the assurances under the sun of how they would now be dead. A couple of months later we noticed fresh termite activity in the same spot in the garage, except this time the termites had made it to the roof and had started munching the roof timbers and made a football size nest in the roof. Fed up with the little buggers and the incompetence of the Pest Control Company and some really bad advice we started to do some research on the NET.
That is when we found Pat (Osborne’s Pest Service) although Pat was in Brisbane and we in Perth WA. Pat took the time and effort at no cost, to direct us on the right path. He researched local companies and made some recommendations and explained how and why the different treatments work. He was in constant communication with us and even allowed my stressed out wife to call him at any time day or night 24/7. We followed Pat’s recommendations and discussed with the new pest company what Pat had told us.
Together we came up with a solution that has eradicated the termite colony and saved us a fortune in the long run. If you are reading this trying to make up your mind who to use to solve your pest problem, I whole heartedly recommend Pat and Osborne’s Pest Services.
Shannon & Kerri, Perth.