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So why use Osborne’s?

Professionalism you will see that right from the very start!
As a family owned and operated business we care for our clients and their families because they have trusted us with their most valuable possession. Our integrity expertise and effectiveness are second to none.
Before calling us, we ask you to get at least one other quote, you will then Experience the Professional Difference that we provide.

With over 30 years experience in protecting Queensland families and their homes you know you are getting a truly professional company. Not all pest companies are the same. Qualifications are very easy to get and anyone can claim to be an expert. Experience and knowledge are everything in the Pest Management industry. Pat Osborne the founder of Osborne’s Pest Services has over 30 years industry experience and has been a trainer at some of the largest companies in Australia. We have spent endless hours researching the best products and the best and safest application methods. Osborne’s always carries out treatments for termites to the Australian Standards which is above the requirements of the label. We have some very simple rules which we live by.

Rule # 1. If it is not safe don’t do the job.

Rule # 2. If the client does not want the job done properly don’t do the job.

Rule # 3. If the client cannot understand the expected outcome or there is any doubt about the outcome don’t do the job.

Rule # 4. A happy client comes before money. If we can’t make out client happy don’t do the job.

Rule # 5. At all times be a professional, be courteous and be respectful.

At Osborne’s we use the latest and safest products and ensure we are fully up to date with the latest application methods. There is no point using 21st century products with 20th century application methods.  It is not going to work. We are here to protect your family and their home, we are here to serve you in a professional and courteous manner which will leave you in no doubt about the Professional Difference.

QBCC 121 8265

Would you like to TREAT YOUR TERMITE Problem?

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